Social media marketing is one of the single most powerful tools to grow your brand and see a measurable ROI in 2020. 

Businesses often come to me and wonder why they’re struggling.

I tell them 2 things:

  1. They’re overpaying on traditional marketing methods that simply aren’t effective for what they’re wanting to achieve. 
  2. They have assigned or promoted someone within their company to manage their social media strategy who lacks the subject matter expertise to produce data-driven results. 

Today, I’m going to tell you my top 3 reasons why you need social media for business in 2020.

1. Your Customer is on Social Media

Businesses today are on social media because their customer is. We learn about products and services from social media, and we research, compare and make purchase decisions based on what we read. 

Think of the brands that you love and prefer to buy. I’m willing to bet they’re on social media… and here’s why.  

95 percent of purchase decisions are subconscious. Consumers are more likely to purchase products and services from companies and brands that they feel emotionally connected to. 

YOUR customer wants a relationship with YOUR brand. 

This is where traditional marketing methods fall short. You can’t build a relationship if the communication is one way. Billboards, magazine ads, commercials – these efforts, at their best, are still one-sided conversations. 

Social media gives your customers the ability to respond and interact with your brand, which directly influences their decision to purchase from you.

2. Social Media Impacts Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is exactly what it sounds like – it’s the process of maximizing the number of visitors to your website. 

Simply put, when people search for a product or service you offer, they see your company’s name first, and they trust your brand above others.

If social media marketing is not a part of your current or future SEO strategy, you are not capturing your full audience. 366 million people started using social media just this past year, and that number is still growing! 

Your company’s social media profiles – your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etcetera – have a significant influence on where you show up in any online search. 

And, people aren’t just searching the general internet to make purchase decisions anymore. They’re searching WITHIN their social media platforms. They’re clicking on ads and reading posts from your company that show up in their feed. Which, by the way, 86% of people are looking at every. Single. Day.

3. Social Media Creates a Real-Time Customer Feedback Loop

Traditional marketing methods often leave the company who deploys them guessing about the customer’s true reaction to the ad, product or service. 

What did they think? Did they love it or hate it? The data isn’t there. 

Social media marketing is different. It allows for a conversation between you and your customers. It creates a real-time feedback loop that your brand can adapt from. 

Methods like online reputation management enable you to resolve customer pain points that, without this feedback loop, would most likely result in losing a sale and potentially, the lifetime value of a customer. 

Additionally, social media marketing includes the collection of analytics that take the guesswork out of a campaign. With this data, you can determine what’s working and what’s not, and make the changes needed to drive stronger results. 

How to Get Your Business on Social Media

You may be reading this thinking “That all sounds great Natalie, but where do I start?”

Here’s the good news – you don’t have to do it all by yourself. 

Managing a company’s social media is a whole business in itself. In fact, it’s MY business! 

Social Ally Media was built grassroots by me. I started off with one employee in my house, and now we are a thriving agency working with large corporations to small businesses to entrepreneurs. 

Unlike other marketing agencies, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter marketing packages. We are here to create a strategy that is tailored to you, your brand and your digital marketing needs. 

Let’s build your social empire, together.



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