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Social Ally Media was built grassroots by our founder and head cheerleader, Natalie Speers. Today, we are a thriving agency in Scottsdale, AZ, offering 360° digital marketing services in social media management, paid advertising and lead generation, video marketing, graphic design, brand strategy, funnels, CRM management, AI Integrations and email/SMS marketing.

Meet The Founder

Natalie Speers

Natalie stands as the founder and visionary force behind Social Ally Media, a digital marketing agency rooted in Scottsdale, Arizona. With an impressive legacy spanning nearly 13 years, Natalie’s journey in the realm of social media marketing commenced at the young age of 25, a time when the very concept of ‘social media’ was in its infancy stage.

Early on, Natalie recognized the unique opportunities social media would offer businesses in an attempt to connect them with their consumer on a more personalized level. The pervasive influence of social media persistently reshapes conventional marketing paradigms, demanding perpetual adaptation from businesses. Leveraging her millennial perspective, Natalie’s in-depth study of the dynamic shifts induced by social media on marketing fuels her drive to craft unique marketing strategies that sets brands apart from their competition.

Thirteen years later, Social Ally Media stands as a dynamic force, which has managed over $12 million per year in digital ad spend. Garnering the coveted designation of Emerging Disruptor by Facebook in 2018, a distinction bestowed upon a mere 2% of global businesses, underscores the agency’s unparalleled impact. Amidst this remarkable journey, the agency’s evolution persists unabated, fueled by an unwavering commitment to excellence and bolstered by a cohesive and dedicated team, rendering it a full-service marketing agency.

Causing Visual Disruption

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Awards We’re Proud Of

Awards We’re Proud Of

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